A whole new look for your lock screen

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Customize your iPhone's lock screen with BinaryRa1n.

BinaryRa1n is a LockHTML3 theme designed for the 4-inch iPhone retina display. My aim is to create a lock screen design, that is elegant and at the same time easy to use. BinaryRa1n is exactly the theme you would love to have on your iPhone.

Minimal or complete?
Chose by yourself.

With iOS 7 Apple has introduced a flat and simple UI-design. Design has turned out to become very important to people in the iOS community, like tech freaks, developers and even to customers. BinaryRa1n offers you two different views which are both superb to look at and extremely practical. Some people will love the minimal and simple view and some will love the complete full-featured view. My hope is, that most of you will enjoy the possibility of using both.
In a second you change between the views of BinaryRa1n, just by swiping it to the side.

The design process

The idea of BinaryRa1n first came to me back in May 2013 and I posted it on Twitter (link). The feedback I got from many people who liked the concept, helped me to further improve the design and the functionality of the lock-screen interface. In January 2014 I finished the first beta version, ready to be tested. After some minors modifications it was ready to be presented on my web site and released on Cydia.

Why BinaryRa1n ?

The name “BinaryRa1n” is a combination of the coldness of the digital world and the beauty of nature. The wallpaper being a digital abstraction of the rain, and the dewdrops on the grass. Imagining every one of us has his or her personal taste, I’ve created BinaryRa1n with five different colors: Green (Matrix), Blue (evasi0n), Purple (Rain), Red and White.